sportdresIIITo describe the sporting career of Kasparow I need more words than just one. Versatile comes to mind and so does successful and of course reliable.
As a young horse he was entered in the Young Horse Competition of Germany. This means no jumping under saddle before the age of 4. But in Dressage he was very successful. He never came home without a ribbon and always tried to do his very best. Doing so he was awarded Reserve Champion Young Dressage horses as a 3 year old on the prestigious Bundesturnier in Germany, a nationwide competition for Trakehner Horses.

sport7-92When he turned 4 he was prepared to be sold in auction. During the period before the auction he was entered in several Dressage and Show jumping shows. He did well in all. Again bringing home ribbons and doing his very best for his riders. He proved there and then to be a very versatile horse.

At the age of 5 I thought it was time to find out what he was going to be? Was he to be a Dressage horse or a Show jumper after all? Who better to help me in that decision then Ingrid Klimke, the best rider in Germany (and far beyond) To give her ample time to find out all about Kas he went into training in her barn and she tried every kind of show with him.crosskreuth Adding a new thing: Eventing! He did that well too! She entered him in several shows doing Dressage, Show jumping and Eventing. She also had trouble finding out exactly what his future was going to be; he has super technique over the jump but clearly has a talent for the higher dressage classes.

After Kas came home to my own barn here in Holland I decided he was to be a Dressage horse. Here in Holland people think of Trakehners as being Dressage only. Show jumpers have to be Holstein or Hannovarian so to give him a fair chance in the breeding barn his best chances were in Dressage. And so now he is a Dressage horse and a successful one! Together with a very talented Young Rider Tommie Visser who also lives here in North Holland he has competed in third level dressage and was about to promote to the Prix St.George level. Never once did they come home without ribbons on his bridle and always with extra positive comments of the judges.

1stermecghelenbrinkAt first just for fun but now still Kas jumps with his Show Jumping friend for life Chantal Megchelenbrink. In January 2006 I finally decided Kas can do what he loves the most, Cross Country and Eventing! Together with this very talented rider he can be found jumping poles and water as if he never did anything else. As a matter of fact whatever we put in front of him he’ll jump it. kasp21We have tried water, bushes, trees, parasols (even a horse!) but it makes no difference. He never says No!! Within the period of just one season Kas and “Mech” won several Eventing shows and promoted to the 2star Events. Again Kas has proven he is a super sports horse!!

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Now that his eldest children (born in 2001) are old enough to de ridden Kas proves he is giving his sporting gene pool on to the next generation. Many of them have had successes in all disciplines of equestrian sports.
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Kas kids are good workers and very pleasant rides!
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geelKasparow really is a Super Sports Horse!